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Why is SETESCA TALENT the preferred choice for CIOS, CEOS and HR to bring excellent IT TALENT into their companies?

Because SETESCA TALENT is a company created and 100% adapted to the current technological environment, which allows us to be leaders in the selection of technical and managerial IT profiles.


Because we are committed to the success of the project, working 100% to success and without exclusivity.

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Because we understand the needs of the IT and HR departments to get the best human capital and we work closely with them to be effective in our search for the most talented candidates.


Because we are highly efficient in the selection of candidates, which allows us to offer an average submission time of two weeks for valid profiles.

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Because we offer the possibility of incorporating talent through in-house recruitment, as an outsourced service or in mixed mode.

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Because our knowledge of the technological needs of companies allows us to be leaders in the headhunting of ICT management profiles.
(CIOs and CTOs).


Can we help you to achieve this?


Contact us and we will be happy to explain to you personally why we are the leading headhunter in IT talent recruitment
and preferred by HR, CIOs, CTOs and executives.

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